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Youth in Oregon
by Kathryn Loggins

Narrative by Joel David  Moore

At a certain point during this film, all I could hear was  sniffing. I'm pretty sure the whole theater was crying, but we were all trying  desperately not to lose our composure. It's a sad movie, it really is, but it's  the fact that it's so relatable that really gets those tears flowing. The story  is about Raymond Engersoll (Frank  Langella), who takes a road-trip to Oregon with the intention of ending his  life, since euthanasia is legal in that state. Raymond's daughter (Christina Applegate) is appalled he  would even consider such a thing and forces her husband (Billy Crudup) to drive along with Raymond in order to convince him  not to go through with this plan.

The trip turns into a hilarious disaster that rings truer  than most road-trip comedies, but also tackles issues of life, loss and what it  means to be a family. Langella gives an amazing performance as the most  stubborn grandpa every one of knows all too well and can't help but love.

The performances of the supporting cast, which  also includes Josh Lucas as  Raymond's estranged son and Mary Kay  Place as his unconcerned wife, are just as poignant and entertaining and lend  truth to the depiction of a modern family. Ultimately, Youth In Oregon paints a comedic and heartfelt picture about the  complexities of euthanasia and the value of living the life you're given.