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by Birgit Schrumpf

Besides having sex and fun with her boyfriend Tomek (Paul Boche), 18-year old Zazy (Ruby O. Fee) dreams of becoming a television star instead of a seamstress in the north Italian province. She overhears how her boss, flirting with a rich lady customer, suggests a visit to the mountain chapel. The next morning, he is not at work but lying dead on the bottom of a cliff. An idea forms in Zazy's head.

Remembering the dress ordered by the elegant Marianne (Petra van de Voort) she takes it to the hotel where she stays with her two children. Her husband (Philippe Brenninkmeyer), a well-known TV presenter, had to stay behind. Zazy hopes that this could be her ticket to the glamorous world of television. Slyly she mentions the excursion: “But you surely want to avoid any compromising publicity!” She promises to keep this information to herself. This is to be understood as a favor between friends.

As Zazy has lost her job, Marianne takes her home where she meets husband Maximilian. The pretty girl pretends to do any kind of work and finds herself grooming Marianne’s horses – waiting for her opportunity. Her real goal is not forgotten. Boyfriend Tomek had secretly moved into her room above the stables. His main occupation is playing with his mini drone or enjoying their frequent love-making. When he gets bored and impatient that Zazy has not yet made it “to the top” he is taking matters into his own hands.

What follows is a series of open blackmail by the young couple. Marianne is so frightened of their brutal scheming that she gets more and more caught in their web. Ambitious Zazy is almost making it into the desired TV show. But what about Tomek? He becomes a burden with his constant demands. Good-looking, sweet Zazy is developing into a self-centered greedy woman and getting away with murder.

This erotic thriller is written and directed by Matthias X. Oberg (The Stratosphere Girl) showing how a naive girl has become a femme fatale – and in the end she is purely sadistic. She pays a high price for success and one wonders if this will secure her a happy future. Ruby O. Fee (Bibi & Tina, Voll verhext) and Paul Boche (also successful as a New York model) are catching the changing moods of the story with their powerful acting.