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by Mary Nyiri

Benoît Pilon, Canada

The coastal town of Iqaluit, capital of the Canadian Territory Nunavut, serves as the dramatic backdrop for this film written and directed by Benoit Pilon. This small town clinging to the rugged coast of northeastern Canada, about 500 miles across the water from Nuuk, Greenland, is home to Inuit as well as other fishermen, fortune seekers and lost souls. Gilles (François Papineau) has been working in Iqaluit six months at a time for years, leaving his wife Carmen (Marie-Josée Croze) behind in the south. She travels to Iqaluit for the first time after receiving news that her husband has been seriously injured. Shortly upon her arrival, he dies. Noah (Natar Ungalaaq), an Inuk who calls himself a friend of Gilles, tries to help Carmen during this difficult time. She decides to stay on in Iqaluit until she understands the circumstances of her husband’s death. Although Noah seems to be helpful, she soon realizes that he is hiding the secret life Gilles was leading while away from her. Her pursuit of the truth leads her directly to Noah’s home. From there, Noah and Carmen head out on Frobisher Bay with Ani (Christine Tootoo) to find Noah’s son, who may be intending to harm himself. On their search, Carmen finds answers she never expected. Worth seeing for the incredible scenery and wonderful performances, especially by Christine Tootoo.