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Two Lovers and a Bear
by Mary Nyiri

Kim Nguyen, Canada 2016

Director  Kim Nguyen presents a tragic love story with a sensible talking polar bear set  in the frozen tundra of Nunavut, a territory in northeastern Canada. Lucy  (Tatiana Maslany, known for playing clones in Orphan Black) and Roman (Dane DeHaan) are in love but have quite  different plans. Lucy wants to travel south to attend university. Roman has no  intention of going south ever again. When he learns that Lucy will leave, must  leave for her own sanity, he goes on a drinking binge barricading himself  inside his home with liquor and a firearm. The local cop helps Roman out by  calling for backup, which in such circumstances is a case of beer. Later heated  words are exchanged between Lucy and Roman but finally, they reconcile and  decide to face their demons together. They ride their snowmobiles south to the  freedom of a new life, gliding endless miles across beautiful hills and valleys  of pure white snow glistening in the sun. They come across another snowmobile  whose driver warns them of an upcoming storm. He tells them about an abandoned  military post for refuge. Unfortunately, Lucy finds her demon there, buried  under the frozen earth. But Roman comes to her rescue and their adventure lasts  forever, frozen in time with only the wise polar bear to bear witness. With all  around terrific performances, especially the bear, this film will warm your  heart.