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Smart Street Food
by Mary Nyiri

Light filters through the hundreds of old smudged window panes at the top of a 19th century market hall that since 2011 provides shelter for a few dozen specialty food shops and eateries. The trucks that provide tasty snacks and filling meals at the Street Food Market on Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse in Potsdamer Platz during the Berlinale originate from what is now called Markthalle Neun, a drafty red brick cavern located at Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43 in Berlin. Worn white striped tiles and layers of cement and asphalt cover the floor. Picnic tables and strings of lights provide a warm atmosphere. The pace is laid back. A creamy cappuccino can be found for 1,80€. A filet steak will set you backover 60€ a kilo, but for just 4€ you can sample beef from the same farm in a tasty mini-potpie around the corner. There are lots of meat and sausage options, freshly made pastas, pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers, quiche, sushi sandwiches (a variation on traditional rolls), soups, Italian or German breads, pastries, vegan pastries, and more ranging from gourmet to simply good food. If you can't find anything from the stalls, an Aldi supermarket is (unexpectedly) also inside.

The people who work the stalls are quite friendly and many seem to know their customers or at least enjoy the conversation of strangers. Although a few places open for the morning coffee crowd, most of the stalls open at noon. Different days offer a variety of events such as Street Food Thursdays from 5 pm until 10 pm or Saturday brunch from 10 am until 4 pm. There are also special days with themes such as Raw Wine or Cheese Berlin or Sausage & Beer Sundays.If you missed sampling the Street Food Market during the Berlinale, or if you want to taste other culinary delights, get up to date information at and venture a bit farther afield. Your taste buds may be pleasantly surprised!