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Germany/France 2010

Opening 4 Nov 2010

Directed by: Angela Schanelec
Writing credits: Angela Schanelec
Principal actors: Josse De Pauw, Maren Eggert, Natacha Régnier, Bruno Todeschini, Mireille Perrier

Orly is composed of four vignettes that take place in the Orly airport. The first is a conversation between two strangers – expatriate French. The woman is married to a Canadian and has been home visiting her mother. The man is a music producer who lives in the U.S. but has been back in Paris for a job interview. The exchange is rather personal since it is sometimes easier to talk to a stranger than a close friend. The second sketch shows a mother and a son going to the funeral of the son's father (the mother's ex-husband). The strained situation and the neutral territory push the two to confess sexual affairs they have had. Two other stories complete the film and sometimes in-between we see a ground hostess at work or at her break. The whole thing is just here and now without necessarily leading up to anything else.

Actually, I felt like one does in the waiting area of an airport – somewhat bored. (Thelma Freedman)

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