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Die Farbe des Ozeans (Color of the Ocean)
Germany/Spain 2011

Opening 17 May 2012

Directed by: Maggie Peren
Writing credits: Maggie Peren, Alex Ross
Principal actors: Álex González, Hubert Koundé, Sabine Timoteo, Nathalie Poza, Friedrich Mücke

Color of the Ocean is a somewhat disturbing film about the politics of immigration but does actually leave us with a tiny bit of hope. There are three stories told here. Natalie (Sabine Timotei) and Paul (Friedrich Mücke) are Germans vacationing on a Spanish island where Natalie witnesses a boat full of Senegalese refugees just washed up on the beach. She brings water to Zola (Hubert Koundé) and his son before they are taken away by the authorities. Police officer José (Alex Gonzalez) shows no compassion in dealing with the refugees in the camp. His behavior is quite deplorable.

Zola manages to escape from the refugee camp and contacts Natalie for help. Against the wishes of her boyfriend she gives Zola money to flee the island on another boat. But his contact tricks him, and he is not only robbed but so badly beaten that he dies. This leaves the young son in Spain with no parent – an acceptable situation for asylum. Paul does forgive Natalie so that we feel that his negativity toward the refugee situation is being rethought. The film ends with another boatload of Africans arriving on shore, and this time one has the feeling that José's approach to them may be more humane. (Thelma Freedman)

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