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Das Haus auf Korsika (Miles from Anywhere, Au cul du loup)
France/Belgium 2011

Opening 12 Jul 2012

Directed by: Pierre Duculot
Writing credits: Pierre Duculot, Jean-Luc Goossens, Pierre-Erwan Guillaume, Luc Janssens, Vania Leturcq
Principal actors: Christelle Cornil, Françoi Vincentelli , Jean-Jacques Rausin, Pierre Nisse, Roberto D'Orazio

Christine (Christelle Cornil) lives in the dull Belgian mining town of Charleroi together with her long-term boyfriend Marco (Jean-Jacques Rausin). Both are employed in a bar owned by Marco’s father. She is not happy with her lot but there is no chance of another job. Who would have thought that the death of her beloved grandmother will be the beginning of her own “new life”!

To everyone’s surprise she inherits a house on Corsica. Nobody in the family even knew of its existence. After seeing a photo of the dilapidated house, the family immediately determines that it must be sold. Christine thinks otherwise and takes the next plane, ferry and whatever it takes to get to the isolated tiny village in the mountains. Much to her disappointment the house is hardly more than a ruin. Renovating would cost a fortune. Does she have to give up her dream? Whilst spending a few days in this harsh but beautiful environment she is more and more drawn to it, feeling connected to her roots, feeling “at home”. Undoubtedly there is also an attraction to the local shepherd which leads her to take a closer look at the surrounding mountain side.

This could have become a soppy story with city girl being overwhelmed by beautiful landscape and taking a tumble in the straw with the farm boy. Instead it tells of a troubled 30-year old woman, stuck in a rut, leading a life according to the expectations of her boyfriend and her well-meaning parents. She shocks everyone by making her own decision and seeing it through. It also is not a picture book Corsica that is depicted. The cool morning mist only slowly reveals a view over snow-capped mountains. Most locals keep their distance and are not particularly welcoming to strangers. Christine bravely tackles the isolation, taking on the challenges dictated by the untamed but impressive nature surrounding her.

Director Pierre Duculot wrote the script for his first feature film with Christelle Cornil in mind, who already took part in his award-winning short films Dormir au Chaud and Dernier Voyage. With her great sensibility for mood changes from quiet reflections to impatient temperamental outbursts, she brings alive her character.

This film is also about the strength of the family, of overcoming differences, of accepting the invisible bond to your past. It reflects the importance of taking life into your own hands, of making your own daring – sometimes spontaneous – decisions. (Birgit Schrumpf)

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