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Wallace & Gromit: Auf der Jagd nach dem Riesenkaninchen (Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit)
U.K. 2005

Opening 13 Oct 2005

Directed by: Steve Box
Writing credits: Nick Park, Bob Baker, Steve Box, Mark Burton
Principal actors: Peter Sallis, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Peter Kay, Nicholas Smith

Wallace (voice Peter Sallis) and his trusty and clever canine sidekick Gromit run Anti-Pesto, a booming business which protects the vegetables of their town from rabbits in a humane manner. All goes smoothly in the vegetable-obsessed village until just a few days before the big annual Giant Vegetable Competition, when a mysterious creature suddenly starts ravaging the gardens by night and devouring the prized vegetables of the town. Wallace and Gromit are instantly on the case, promising to apprehend the creature without harming it and thereby saving the vegetables of the town. Wallace’s antagonist, Victor Quartermaine (voice Ralph Fiennes), is also hunting the beast, though he has not so humane intentions. The competition is heightened by the fact that both are also after the affection of Lady Tottington (voice Helena Bonham Carter), the benefactress of the Giant Vegetable Competition. Can Wallace and Gromit save the veggies, and will Wallace win the heart of Lady Tottington? See Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit to find out.

Wallace and Gromit, directed by Nick Park and Steve Box, is delightful British claymation. The film is light, fun, and entertaining. Continuous gags, a few of which are intended for adults but are subtle enough not to be noticed by children, keep the audience laughing throughout the film. The film is in fact so cute that the fact that one can see fingerprints on the characters throughout the film matters not. Wallace and Gromit will delight and entertain audiences of all ages. (Shauna Keeley)

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