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Das Geheimnis der Bäume (Il était une forêt)
France 2013

Opening 2 Jan 2014

Directed by: Luc Jacquet
Writing credits: Luc Jacquet, Francis Hallé

French botanist Francis Hallé had the idea for this educational documentary by Luc Jacquet, creator of March of the Penguins. Beautifully filmed on location in Peru and Gabon (Africa) and aided by animation, it takes us through the 700-year evolution of the tropical rainforest. Hallé’s narration accompanies this fascinating and entertaining look at the intricate interaction and communication among plants, and between plants and animals. His care and concern for this unique but sadly diminishing environment is evident, his excitement infectious. Though beautiful, the classical sound track is superfluous, even distracting where just the sounds of nature would have been perfect.

The film answers as many questions as it poses, tempting the viewer to find out more about the subject. It is equally a powerful educational tool as it is an effective call to protect this unique environment. (Carola A)

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