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Alles was wir wollen
Germany 2013

Opening 6 Mar 2014

Directed by: Beatrice Möller
Writing credits: Beatrice Möller

For this documentary three thirty-something women have been asked about their plans for the future. All come from educated middle-class backgrounds; at their age they are expected to have a general direction in life. The ‘window of opportunities’ won’t get any wider and the biological clock is ticking. Marie-Sarah has worked hard on ‘making it’ as an actress. Her choice comes with all the uncertainties that an artist’s life has always been fraught with and with the real possibility to have to switch to ‘Plan B’. Claudia is currently employed as a magazine editor and will start a family. Mona moved to Germany at age 18 from Palestine; she works for a translation service and is the one that really has a sense of appreciation for the freedom women enjoy in this country.

The director doesn’t claim that these women represent a whole generation. It would have been a more valuable exploration into the lives of young women today though, if more interviewees had been included and if more insightful questions had been put to them to ponder. Many scenes have no relevance or have been unnecessarily stretched (to give the film feature length?). The protagonist’s mothers are ‘in the picture’ too – but why always while shopping for food, cooking or eating?? They represent the older generation’s lack of appreciation that too many options can be paralyzing, as spoiled as this – not only – sounds. (Carola A)

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