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Ohne Dich
Germany 2014

Opening 4 Sep 2014

Directed by: Alexandre Powelz
Writing credits: Alexandre Powelz, Alexandra Umminger
Principal actors: Charly Hübner, Katja Riemann, Helen Woigk, Arne Gottschling, Meral Perin

Three loosely related stories have been skillfully linked in this heartrending film about “Love”. (Screenplay by Powelz and Umminger; editing by Annemarie Bremer, Karin Jacobs.) Each concludes in its own bittersweet way but with the certainty that life goes on – no matter how comforting this truth might sound at the time or not.

Throughout exceptional performances by an altogether fantastic cast, especially by such accomplished actors Katja Riemann and Charly Hübner as a middle-aged professional couple confronted with terminal illness, and Helen Woigk as a young single waitress whose life gets turned upside down. Alexandre Powelz (director) had the courage to have the camera (Eeva Fleig) stay with their faces for long close-up takes, and the audience has the privilege to see emotions develop in real time. The film is deeply moving, while avoiding any sentimentality. Compliments also go to Benedikt Herré and Angelika Dufft for very original and authentic sets. (Carola A)

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