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Ein Sommer in der Provence (Avis de Mistral)
France 2014

Opening 25 Sep 2014

Directed by: Rose Bosch
Writing credits: Rose Bosch
Principal actors: Jean Reno, Anna Galiena, Chloé Jouannet, Hugo Dessioux, Lukas Pelissier

Having to spend their summer break in provincial “Provence”– far away from satisfactory Internet connections, friends and parties in Paris – is a most miserable prospect for teenagers: Léa and Adrien. Their father just left them; their mother has to check out a job opportunity. So with little ado their grandmother (Anna Galiena) decides to take them and their little brother Théo home with her – home to a very surprised and equally displeased grandpa (Jean Reno) who never has nor ever wanted to meet them. As expected there will be a bumpy learning curve and a memorable summer ahead for all of them.

The cast is charming with adorable seven-year-old Lukas Pelissier stealing the show as Théo. The film isn’t lacking humor either with some pretty funny lines delivered deadpan by Jean Reno. What the film is lacking though is a good script. It gets tiring, drawn out and bogged down by too many different and in the end not that interesting stories. (Carola A)

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