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Landraub – Die globale Jagd nach Ackerland
Austria 2015

Opening 8 Oct 2015

Directed by: Kurt Langbein
Writing credits: Christian Brüser, Kurt Langbein
Principal actors: Martin Häusling, Felix zu Löwenstein, Luon Sovath, Suriya Moorthy, Andreas Bardeau

The term ‘landgrabbing’ (Landraub) relates to global investors buying up or leasing large areas of farmland to grow crops —usually large monocultures—for export, for animal feed and biofuel. This happens not only in third world countries, but by now in Eastern Europe as well. These investors will force out small landowners and maximize production at a huge environmental and human cost, and abandon a project if it doesn’t yield the expected profits any longer. Misguided EU policies and short-sighted or corrupt local politicians all too often enable this practice. The film shows what disastrous effects it has on local food supply, climate and labor conditions, and is an important plea to decision makers. Though the research that went into producing this film is laudable, the presentation (camera, editing) lacks. Granted, a film – and particularly a documentary – might need some footage as a breather, to afford the viewer to let facts sink in. But, for example, is it really necessary that we watch someone vacuuming the carpet at the European Parliament for an extended time...? (Carola A)

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