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Familia Rodante - Argentisch Reisen (La Familia Rodante)
Argentina/Brazil/France/Germany/Spain/U.K. 2004

Opening 23 Feb 2006

Directed by: Pablo Trapero
Writing credits: Pablo Trapero
Principal actors: Liliana Capurro, Graciana Chironi, Ruth Dobel, Federico Esquerro, Bernardo Forteza

In this road movie, twelve members of the Rodante family from grandma to the baby squeeze into a trailer to travel to a wedding 1200 miles away. Although they are not gypsies, they live the gypsy life, camping along the way (although they try to stay in hotels at night), swimming in the sea, and repairing their vehicle. Except for passing cowboys riding their horses in the water along the beach or a villager willing to sell a motor part, there is little influence from the outside world. All their adventures arise from interaction among the members of the family.

This film reminded me very much of my own family reunion: 22 people in Florida. Contrary to the Rodantes, we only squeezed eight people into a van (not 12), were concerned about helmets for the cyclists and car seats for the children, and nobody got socked in the jaw or fell in love with a cousin or in-law or adopted a stray dog. At the same time, there were many similarities. We cooked together, worried about leaving that child to cry all by herself, wondered what our brother saw in that woman, cared for the turtles on the beach at night and “did it all for grandma.” (Becky Tan)

Second Opinion

The role of the grandmother, Emilia (Graciana Chironi), is played by the real 84-year-old grandmother of the director. Her acting was great considering she is a non-professional actress. This family trip, incorporating four generations traveling in a motor home from Buenos Aires to Misiones, seems endless at times. It appears more of a home movie than an actual film. Stretches of rolling scenery are interspersed with family interactions oscillating from teenage romance to middle age doubts and regrets amongst the heat and closeness of a small confined space. Although the film could remind some of personal family reunions, there is not a hook to captivate the attention at large. What is amazing is that they "did it all for grandma." (Coppelia Hays Branscheid)

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