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Lolo – Drei ist einer zu viel (Lolo)
France 2015

Opening 17 Mar 2016

Directed by: Julie Delpy
Writing credits: Julie Delpy, Eugénie Grandval
Principal actors: Julie Delpy, Dany Boon, Vincent Lacoste, Karin Viard, Antoine Lounguine

The main subject of this comedy is the relationship between ‘generation X’ and its pampered and overprotected offspring, ‘generation Y’. While on a wellness-vacation in Southern France with her best friend Ariane (Karin Viard), relaxing from her high-powered job in Paris, 45-year-old Violette (Julie Delpy) falls in love with a local — software-designer Jean-René (Dany Boon). Planned as a one-night-stand only, this turns out to be the man that was missing in her life, who luckily is also relocating to Paris for a new job. The “one too many” (“Einer zu viel”) referred to in the title is definitely not Jean-René but really Violette’s son Lolo (Vincent Lacoste), who has just moved back to ‘Hotel Mama’. This narcissistic 19-year-old ‘Peter Pan’ looks fourteen and behaves like four, plans prank after prank to get rid of the man who threatens to become the number one in his mother’s life.

As can be expected — with solid comedy actors Julie Delpy (2 Days in Paris) and Dany Boon (Welcome to the Sticks) in the lead and Karin Viard (La Famille Bélier) as support — the film gets off to an entertaining start, with funny comments about the pick-up rituals and love life of today’s middle-aged professionals (although not everyone will appreciate the rather explicit language). But then Lolo’s pranks —– too silly and too numerous — occupy way too much time before the film comes to a respectable end after all. Too bad, because the subject is worth making fun of and the cast had been well chosen. (Carola A)

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