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Mexico 2014

Opening 30 Jun 2016

Directed by: Mariana Chenillo
Writing credits: Julieta Arévalo, Mariana Chenillo
Principal actors: Andrés Almeida, Daniela Rincón, Camila Selser, Beatriz Moreno, José Sefami

In this drama with plenty of humor Carmen (Daniela Rincón) and Alfredo (Andrés Almeida) are a loving young couple who live in a suburb of Mexico surrounded by family and good friends. They both just happen to be extremely overweight, enjoy good food and exchange endearments relating to their size. When Alfredo gets a terrific job offer in Mexico City, they exchange their easy-going life for a new one. Carmen immediately feels out of place. First of all, she has no job. Also, city folks are chic and, for the first time, she feels insecure about her appearance. She convinces Alfredo that they should join a Weight Watchers type group. Although it was Carmen's idea, Alfredo is more diligent -- he exercises and follows the new diet strictly; she can't seem to manage at all and instead secretly joins a cooking class where she finds real camaraderie among the women.

Alfredo in the meantime has not only improved his figure but has become very successful at work. Carmen feels inferior and hurt and escapes home to her parents. After lots of misunderstandings, Alfredo admits to having been a tad arrogant; Carmen has found her own niche, and happily the marriage is saved. (Thelma Freedman)

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