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Neo Rauch - Gefährten und Begleiter
Germany 2016

Opening 2 Mar 2017

Directed by: Nicola Graef
Writing credits:

Neo Rauch (b. 1960) is the most prominent and internationally recognized German artist associated with the so-called Neue Leipziger Schule. His large canvases with mysterious, dreamlike — even nightmarish — scenes are populated by peculiar human figures that appear to have fallen out of time; interiors melt with landscapes deeply rooted in his native East German countryside.

Nicola Graef's documentary is divided into several chapters, starting with him preparing for work and quite literally struggling with the proverbial "blank canvas." She accompanies him, supervising the hanging of his paintings at international shows, elicits most interesting commentary from his collectors, "listens in" on a guided museum's tour, and introduces long-term friends and companions. Over the course of the film Rauch opens up, shares very personal information and thoughts, and does give a few clues to his art as well. Still, one will want to afford time and patience to explore these very complex paintings. The film entices one to do exactly that: turn to the works for answers. (Carola A)

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