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Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten
Germany 2017

Opening 9 Nov 2017

Directed by: Wolfgang Groos
Writing credits: Gerrit Hermanns
Principal actors: Hedda Erlebach, Michael Mittermeier, Jürgen Vogel, Anja Kling, Maresa Höribiger

Lilli (Erlebach) must cope with her younger brother Leon (Magno). He’s allergic to animals, so she isn’t allowed to have a rabbit and, even worse, he breaks her new telescope. She discusses the situation with her little green (animated) dragon, Hector (Mittermeier). Contrary to his advice, she applies her own magical talents to search through the Middle Ages and bring Knecht Ruprecht (Vögel) into the present. Yes, Ruprecht can set Leon right, but he also meddles in the lives of others, including Lilli’s teacher, Frau Schnabel (Gerti Drassl). His actions send Lilli back to the Middle Ages to find Nicholas – the only one who can save the Christmas holidays from a catastrophe.

This children’s film is the third Hexe (witch) Lilli story to make it to the screen after Hexe Lilli: Der Drache und das Magische Buch (2009) and Hexe Lilli: Die Reise nach Mandolan (2011). All are based on popular children’s books by Knister. The team was eager to make a Christmas story; filming was in the fall of 2016, which required tons of artificial snow to provide the right atmosphere. Action revolves around December 6 or Nicholas Day, and naturally, the film shows in good time for this holiday. All of the kids in my showing giggled throughout, fun for the whole family. (Becky Tan)    (Becky Tan)

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