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Whatever Happens
Germany 2017

Opening 30 Nov 2017

Directed by: Niels Laupert
Writing credits: Niels Laupert
Principal actors: Sylvia Hoeks, Alexander Beyer, Victoria Mayer, Torben Liebrecht, Fahri Yardim

Julian and Hannah meet in their former apartment, now almost empty. Gradually, in retrospect, we learn that their relationship has come to an end and both have gone on to new goals in life. They wish to collect last belongings before handing over the key to the new renters. They will attend a New Year’s Eve party with mutual friends, which is their final obligation to society as a couple. Seven years ago they met while apartment hunting. They lived together, each with his/her own bedroom and privacy. Over time they progressed in their careers, while becoming more intimate at home. Soon they were your standard couple, living together and raising a new baby. But eventually communication ceased. Is this really the end?

Director Niels Laupert was thinking about the old saying, “Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back.” But is that the case here? Perhaps not. His set builder, Andreas Widmann, constructed an apartment at Bavaria Studios, where most of the action occurs, so that the plot suggests a play in a theater. The few scenes outside of the studio occur in Munich. Fahri Yardim, who plays Julian, grew up and studied in Hamburg. His film career began with Kebab Connection in 2004 and has progressed ever since. He should be especially familiar as the police commissioner alongside Til Schweiger in selected Tatort presentations on television. Sylvia Hoeks, who plays Hannah, is originally from the Netherlands, but speaks excellent German (as well as Dutch, French, and English). She was honored as a Shooting Star at the 2011 Berlinale Film Festival and recently appeared in the new Blade Runner 2049. Perhaps the storyline is not so exceptional, but these two actors are well worth your time in the cinema. (Becky Tan)

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