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Score - Eine Geschichte der Filmmusik (Score: A Film Music Documentary)
U.S.A. 2016

Opening 4 Jan 2018

Directed by: Matt Schrader
Writing credits: Matt Schrader

Imagine if you will the opening notes of Star Wars (1977), or the James Bond theme, or Indiana Jones. Have you already begun to hum the iconic notes? Cinematic music can make or break a movie by changing its emotional and dramatic impact. It is often so intertwined with the experience of seeing a film that it becomes something that the audience takes for granted. However, for the composers it is a labor of love often accomplished under difficult deadlines and without much recognition. Matt Schrader’s documentary shines a spotlight on a few of the most iconic scores of cinematic history and the men and women who crafted them. Some of the greatest living film score composers give interviews about their craft and the complicated process of bringing a movie to life through music.

It is clear that Schrader has a lot of love and respect for the men and women of the industry and this comes out in his documentary.  However, while it is nice to catch a glimpse behind the scenes, for those who perhaps already know a little about film score composition, Score fails to deliver much in the way of further insight. Considering Schrader had access to some top-notch composers, it is a bit disappointing that he did not delve deeper into their motivations and history. Regardless, Score is great introduction for those who don’t know much about the history of film score composition and it’s a feel-good movie which will have audiences leaving the theaters humming the themes to their favorite films. (Rose Finlay)

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