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Finsteres Glück (Dark Fortune)
Switzerland 2016

Opening 16 Aug 2018

Directed by: Stefan Haupt
Writing credits: Stefan Haupt
Principal actors: Elini Haupt, Noé Ricklin, Elisa Plüss, Chiara Carla Bär, Martin Hug

In the middle of the night, the psychologist Eliane Hess is called to the hospital, to take care of Yves, an eight-year-old boy, who has lost his parents and siblings in a tragic car accident. Subconsciously, Eliane is drawn to this orphaned boy, who is terribly traumatized. She desperately wants to help, and assist him in his healing process but becomes entangled by her closeness to him.

This touching film shows how one can go beyond their means to help and nurture a fellow human being. It makes one think about how helpless he is in his situation and she would do anything in her power to save him, even though her career may be on the line. A touching film that goes to the heart. (Charis Habertag)

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