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Pettersson und Findus – Findus zieht um
Germany 2018

Opening 13 Sep 2018

Directed by: Ali Samadi Ahadi
Writing credits: Thomas Springer
Principal actors: Stefan Kurt, Marianne Saegebrecht, Max Herbrechter

Pettersson and Findus are back for part three of a trilogy based on the very popular Swedish children’s books of the same name by Sven Nordqvist. Pettersson (Stefan Kurt) is an elderly man with a beard, who always wears a hat. Findus is his small cat. They share a bedroom, and when Findus gets a new and larger bed, he can’t resist bouncing on the mattress at four o’clock every morning. Pettersson can’t possibly sleep under these circumstances; he builds Findus a playhouse outside, so that they are separated, at least at night. They also try sleeping in a tent, go fishing (where Findus is most successful), meet up with their friend Gustavsson (Max Herbrechter) and his dog Happo, and eat pancakes with neighbor Beda Andersson (Marianne Sägebrecht). The chickens cackle; the fox sneaks around. There is never a boring moment as their daily lives unroll, all quite familiar from previous films and books. 

Naturally, this is fun for the whole family. Findus pops up with sentences that could come from my grandchildren, ages three and six, such as “I am already big. I can do it myself. Do what I say. Pettersson (or in my case: granny), you are dumb.” All actors and animals are real, except for Findus, who is animated and voiced by Roxana Samadi. Actor Stefan Kurt is also successful on stage and in television; he was part of the ensemble at Hamburg’s Thalia Theater for nine years, performing in plays such as The Black Rider, Alice, and Time Rocker. Director Ali Samadi Ahadi also directed Parts I and II in the Pettersson/Findus trilogy, and has received prizes for serious films such as Lost Children, The Green Wave, and Teheran Tabu.  (Becky Tan)

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