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Projekt: Antarktis
Germany 2018

Opening 25 Oct 2018

Directed by: Tim David Müller-Zitzke, Michael Ginzburg, Dennis Vogt
Writing credits: Tim David Müller-Zitzke, Michael Ginzburg, Dennis Vogt

Three young men based in Bremerhaven, bachelor students of media design, film and marketing, decide to combine their studies with their passion for filming and exploring. They embark on an unpaid two-year personal project to film the Antarctic and produce a documentary record of their adventures.

Their film begins with the three friends, Tim David Müller-Zitzke, Michael Ginzburg and DennisVogt, scraping together the last of their sponsors’ funds and leaving for their four-week expedition to the Antarctic via Buenos Aires and Ushuaia on the southernmost tip of South America. I suffered with them through the prolonged agonies of Argentine customs, rotten weather, sea sickness and flu, and the fluctuating accuracy of their camera equipment in extreme conditions.

As an avid reader of the periodical Polar News, I know that this Antarctica expedition on the Ortelius icebreaker is a regular offering in the program of Ikarus Tours, i.e., there is actually a seasoned crew of Antarctic explorers on the icebreaker to offer support to inexperienced enthusiasts like these three. That does not diminish the adventure of this trip. Nothing goes as planned, and morale drops. Although the narrator apologizes again and again for missed shoots, poor visibility and mountains not scaled, the freshness of the imagery the three actually did get to film is quite remarkable.

I think this film captures the way a young filmmaker goes about finding a dream and creating a project, with all its ups and downs. It is a refreshing look at the process itself, and in this way it sets itself apart from the polished products of specialized high-tech studios. (Ann Gebauer-Thompson)

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