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Champagner & Macarons – Ein unvergessliches Gartenfest (Place publique)
France 2018

Opening 18 Oct 2018

Directed by: Agnès Jaoui
Writing credits: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Agnès Jaoui
Principal actors: Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Léa Drucker, Kévin Azaïs, Nina Meurisse

During a sunny afternoon Natalie (Léa Drucker), a busy television producer, greets her famous and not so famous guests. It's the house-warming party of her new place in the country outside Paris. In the well-groomed garden a group of musicians brings the colorful mix of people into a swinging mood. Everyone is high-spirited, dancing and singing along. The guests are TV starlets or would-be stars, artists, influencers or ex-models. Champagne in one hand, smartphone in the other: Life is cool. Young hipsters and you-tubers are taking selfies or show-off with a rapping performance.

As the hours go by, aging Castro (Jean-Pierre Bacri), once the big TV-star, nervously awaits the belated arrival of his young wife. He watches his smartphone impatiently, checking the progress of her taxi which has been stopping en route for one whole hour. His ex-wife, Hélène (Agnés Jaoui) wonders about his jealousy. Where are the days when he did not mind a fling himself? In contrast, she stays true to herself. As an ardent supporter for refugees, she is collecting signatures for her cause. When she hears of the new book to be published by her daughter Nina (Nina Meurisse), the friendly atmosphere changes abruptly. Apparently, Nina based her book on the life of her parents which does not show them in a favorable light. Angry words follow until Nina leaves the party crying. Darkness and sentimental songs bring out quiet talks, showing individual vulnerabilities, but also frustrations. A car gets smashed, a driver gets fired, a neighboring farmer walks-in with a gun and the Karaoke chorus echoes through the valley.

With her newest film Agnès Jaoui, as director, script writer and leading actress, takes a quizzical and mocking look at Paris society. A beautiful setting, the original music and witty dialogue make it enjoyable, lighthearted French entertainment. (Birgit Schrumpf)

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