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Wie gut ist deine Beziehung?
Germany 2019

Opening 28 Feb 2019

Directed by: Ralf Westhoff
Writing credits: Ralf Westhoff
Principal actors: Julia Koschitz, Friedrich Mücke, Steffen Groth, Michael Wittenborn, Michael Maertens

“How Good is your Relationship” is a translation of the title of this film about two couples in different stages of togetherness. Steve (Friedrich Mücke) learns that his friend Bob’s (Bastian Reiber) girlfriend Yvonne has left him for Harald (Michael Wittenborn), who teaches tantra yoga classes. Steve is loyal to Bob in this unfortunate situation and offers understanding and consolation. This causes Steve to consider relationships in general, including his own five-years with Carola (Julia Koschitz). How much does he really know about her activities and feelings? Is this a “chance to change the future?”

The plot bounces back and forth between Steve and Carola in a fun exchange of dialogue, which is always humorous to the viewer, if not always to the participants. Carola’s friend Anette (Maja Beckmann) advises her to change small details: get a new hair-do for a start. How about a different sweater? Steve is curious about Harald, the “older man” who caused Bob’s depression and he enrolls in the yoga class in order to learn more. Yvonne hovers like a ghost in the background.

Perhaps there is nothing new to be learned here, but the interaction between the talented German actors is worth a trip to the cinema, especially to see Julia Koschitz. (Becky Tan)

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