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Ein letzter Job (King of Thieves)
U.K. 2018

Opening 25 Apr 2019

Directed by: James Marsh
Writing credits: Joe Penhall, Mark Seal
Principal actors: Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Michael Gambon, Charlie Cox, Francesca Annis

The story is almost too unbelievable to be true, but did really happen. In 2015, the Hatton Garden heist was executed by a gang of retired robbers and crooks, who, with one exception, were all over 60 years old. Director James Marsh (The Theory of Everything, 2014) managed to unite the crème de la crème of British acting, led by Sir Michael Caine in the role of the master-mind Brian Reader.

Reader's wife has passed away, so there is nobody out there anymore to keep him from 'mischief'. Together with his partners in crime, the somewhat violent and unpredictable Terry (played by the wonderful Jim Broadbent), Kenny (equally superb: Sir Tom Courtenay), Danny (Ray Winstone) and the only young guy, Basil (Charlie Cox), helped by the somewhat incontinent Billy 'The Fish' Lincoln (Sir Michael Gambon must have had fun playing this supporting role), they put into action the plan to enter the most-secured underground vault containing safety deposit boxes full of jewels, gold and cash, worth more than 200 million pounds. The robbery is planned over the long Easter weekend, when the Hatton Garden Diamond district is deserted, and indeed, they pull it off. However, then the first real disagreements and deceits start to happen. Nobody can trust the others. Meanwhile, the public and the media are fascinated by the robbery, and wild speculations begin, who could have masterminded this spectacular heist. (Ulrike Lemke)

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