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Back to Maracanã
Israel/Brazil 2018

Opening 18 Jul 2019

Directed by: Jorge Gurvich
Writing credits: Jorge Gurvich
Principal actors: Asaf Goldstien, Antônio Petrin

Middle-aged Roberto (Antônio Petrin) returns to Tel Aviv and moves in with his father Samuel (Asat Goldsten). He brings his 11-year-old son Itay. A tight squeeze in a two-room apartment, but Samuel and Roberto, who don’t always get along in these close quarters, are happy to watch soccer together so that small details are unimportant. Itay disagrees, but what can he do? It gets worse. Samuel is so addicted to soccer that he spends his last cent for flight tickets to Brazil’s Maracanã Soccer Stadium for the World Championship. So, just 10 minutes into the film, they are flying over to Rio de Janeiro to rent a trailer and drive off to the stadium.

This is an effective road movie, with discussions between three generations along the way. We learn much family history with a Jewish background, as well as secrets, including references to a great aunt, a sister, a cousin, and a great grandfather. Roberto’s ex-wife, mother of Itay, pops up with new boyfriend Thomas. One must not love soccer to enjoy this film. We wonder actually if they will even make it to the game. This same story would be as impressive if they were on their way to an opera in New York City or a garden show in Beijing. It’s all about family and a chance to become close. (Becky Tan)

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