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Bruder Schwester Herz
Germany 2019

Opening 10 Oct 2019

Directed by: Tom Sommerlatte
Writing credits: Tom Sommerlatte
Principal actors: Karin Hanczewski, Sebstian Frasdorf, Godehard Giese, Jenny Schily, Wolfgang Packhauser

Franz (Sebastian Fräsdorf) and Lilly (Karin Hanczewski) are unusually close siblings, sleeping in the same bed, using the bathroom together. They live on a ranch and care for their cows, as well as for their father Heinz, which means helping him out to the porch where he sits all day, after having suffered an injury. His birthday wish is that Franz and Lilly should always agree with each other. A lack of finances leads them to research new possibilities. As a result, their barn is turned into a performance stage for musician Chris (Godehard Giese). He is successful, not only as a rock guitar player, but as a lover, and seduces Lilly. They enjoy a short time as a couple on the ranch and then leave, as Franz becomes jealous. From this point Franz is the main character, almost always showing up in a white t-shirt – which always ends up on the clothes line with more white t-shirts. How does he cope without his sister? Naturally, he finds a substitute: blond Sophie (Jennie Schily), who moves in to fill the emptiness left by Lilly. All is well until Lilly returns to discover that Franz plans to sell the ranch. 

This is a slow, feely film with beautiful photography as they ride their horses through wide ranges of ranchland. The excellent actors (especially Karin Hanczewski who exhibits wonderful facial expressions) play characters, who seem to have much time to sit through each day as it comes, moving the plot slowly forward, all supported by 14 songs. Bruder Schwester Herz premiered at the 2019 Munich Film Festival. (Becky Tan)

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