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FCK 2020 - Zweieinhalb Jahre mit Scooter
Germany 2022

Opening 12 Jan 2023

Directed by: Cordula Kablitz-Post
Writing credits:

Scooter is a German rock band founded in 1986 by H.P. Baxxter and Rick Jordan. About eight years later the band, named The Loop, was composed of Baxxter and Jordan, as well as newcomers: Ferris Bueller, and Jens Thiele. In 1994 the song “Hyper Hyper” reached number five in the European charts. Shortly afterwards, the first album …and the Beat Goes on set them off on the road to success.  Now 36 years later, various members have come and gone. H.P. Baxxter is still active, playing and managing, the entire time, as is Jens Thiele. 

Director Kablitz-Post accompanies Scooter for two and half years as they perform, tour Europe and adjust to the long pandemic. “FCK 2020” is a song title, which came out in October 2020 and refers to the difficult situation caused by COVID-19. We see archives of the original members, and peek into their private lives. They go to the hairdresser every week. Baxxter hangs up a new picture in his living room and visits his mother in Ostfriesland. They argue in the studio and create new songs. They suffer financially when no longer allowed on stage due to lockdowns. Later they have more opportunities to perform outside of Germany, going on to England. On April 16, 2022, they play on stage in Moscow. In the film, after almost two hours following their lives, we feel that we know them personally, which is interesting, of course. However, most exceptional are their wonderful songs – 36 in this film alone. FCK 2020 Zweieinhalf Jahre mit Scooter celebrated its world premiere at the 2022 Filmfest Hamburg with HP Baxxter and Cordula Kablitz-Post present on stage. And then Baxxter invited his mom to come up on stage, too. (Becky Tan)

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