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Oink (Knor)
The Netherlands/Belgium 2022

Opening 4 May 2023

Directed by: Mascha Halberstad
Writing credits: Tosca Menten, Fiona van Heemstra
Principal actors: Hiba Ghafry, Kees Prins, Jelka van Houten, Henry van Loon, Matsen Montsma

Oink is a small pig given to Babs (Hiba Ghafry) by her grandfather Tuitjes (Kees Prins), who has returned from the USA after a long absence. Perhaps a pig is not a traditional house pet, but nine-year-old Babs enjoys playing with Oink during school holidays. Her mother Margreet (Jelka von Houten) is skeptical; Oink regularly poops all over her garden. Also, why did her father chose this time to return after 25 years of leaving her alone? What is his relationship with Smak, the local butcher (Johnny Kraaljkamp)? Oink is quite happy, eating, sleeping, playing, and shitting. This doesn’t always concur with family regulations. Perhaps Oink needs some stricter upbringing. Baps signs him up for the puppy school, where he can learn to come, sit, wait, etc. Soon we learn that Grandfather Tuitjes has returned for the upcoming King Sausage Contest. Why not, since making sausages is his talent, but - wait - what source will provide the ingredients?

In the original Dutch version, Oink’s name is Knor. Shitting is a main topic with frequent poops and actual excretion in big piles. Babs busily takes care of Oink, but she also loves to skateboard around the village with her friend Tjin (Matsen Montsma). There is an Aunt Christine (Loes Luca) who has her opinions. My colleague, Amber, age 10, says, “Grandpa had so many secrets. He was bad.” Luckily, Babs and Tjin are able to reveal Grandpa’s secrets, including why he originally left the family. This is a wonderfully animated film for all ages, with lessons on protection of animals, vegetarianism, healthy nutrition, safeguarding your surroundings and more. (Becky Tan)

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