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Victim (Obet)
Slovakia/Czech Republic/Germany 2022

Opening 6 Apr 2023

Directed by: Michal Blasko
Writing credits: Jakub Medvecký
Principal actors: Vita Smachelyuk, Gleb Kuchuk, Igor Chmela, Viktor Zavadil, Inna Zhulina

Ukrainian single mother Irina (Vita Smachelyuk) returns from the Ukraine to find her son Igor (Gleb Kuchuk) has been hospitalized in their host country, the Czech Republic. Irina feels pressured to comply with a publicity campaign that promises her and her son a better life. It soon becomes evident that they are entwined in a political group promoting Neo Nazism. For Irina, hard decisions have to be made but which road will she travel?

The film focuses of the inner workings of the social housing where refugees from different cultures are coexisting together. Victim shows how people of different cultures can have vastly different ways of life and also highlights the hardships refugees face coming to a new country. The film is important since it gives us a view into the lives of the refugees. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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