Salvador - Kampf um die Freiheit (Salvador (Puig Antich))
Spain/U.K. 2006

Opening 13 Sep 2007

Directed by: Manuel Huerga
Writing credits: Lluís Arcarazo, Francesc Escribano
Principal actors: Daniel Brühl, Tristán Ulloa, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Joel Joan, Celso Bugallo

When the opening credits are written in dripping blood, you know that you are in store for a violent film. This portrays young revolutionaries in Spain in 1973 at the fall of Franco. A small group of bearded Spanish and French students steal money to support the workers’ struggle. Young German actor Daniel Brühl plays the real-life anarchist Salvador Puig Antich. Salvador is arrested and sentenced to death by strangulation, but not before his lawyer fights for his freedom and his sisters console him in prison by thumbing through old photo albums. Thousands of fans attend his funeral. The sympathy for this anarchist is almost as great as that for Sophie Scholl and her brother in the film Sophie Scholl – The Last Days. The most interesting part of the film is that Daniel Brühl is German, but speaks excellent Spanish – all because of having a Spanish mother and spending vacations in Spain. Three cheers for bilingualism; you never know what advantages it will bring. This film showed at the 2006 Filmfest Hamburg and is by Manuel Huerga from Spain. (Becky Tan)

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