© Buena Vista International (Germany) GmbH

U.S.A. 2007

Opening 4 Oct 2007

Directed by: Brad Bird
Writing credits: Brad Bird, Jim Capobianco, Emily Cook, Kathy Greenberg, Jan Pinkava
Principal actors: Patton Oswalt, Ian Holm, Lou Romano, Brian Dennehy, Peter Sohn

Walt Disney and Pixar animation are getting lots of good publicity and ratings about their latest computer-generated film. I just don’t get it. Maybe in my life-with-twin-five-year-olds, I have had my fill of CG animated films and do not really care to see a so-called adult animated film these days. Or maybe this film just did not capture my attention. Felix the Cat, x-rated version: now that was an adult animated film. But let’s turn back to the rat in Paris. Cute idea, get it, a rat who wants to cook, hence the clever name, Ratatouille? Typical Disney overcooks it and beats you over the head with the message about as subtle as the nasty, scary-looking food critic who comes into the five-star restaurant to critique the critter’s cooking. Oh, yes, and his name is one you will have to think about a long time: Mr. Ego. Get it? Vain, stuffy, over-puffed sense of importance? Worth watching or rather listening to is Peter O’Toole as the voice of Mr. Ego. The film is often fast-paced in the genre of slap-stick comedy, the filmmakers call “classic physical comedy”. Well, rats are fast little creatures anyway. Sometimes amusing, but this one fell one enchilada short of a combination plate. (Vicki Filer Mensing)

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