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Der Fuchs und das Mädchen (The Fox and the Child, Le Renard et l'enfant)
France 2007

Opening 27 Dec 2007

Directed by: Luc Jacquet
Writing credits: Luc Jacquet, Eric Rognard
Principal actors: Bertille Noël-Bruneau

I hope you had a chance to see this beautiful film over the holidays when it came out. I can imagine how wonderful a family outing could have been during holiday time for boys and girls, young and old. This feature film is a French production from Luc Jacquet, the director of The March of the Penguins,. who had the idea to make this film from his youth experiences. On the screen, you watch only one human being, a ten-year-old girl, observe and follow the fox, and, mostly you watch the magnificent nature. No silly animated creatures here, but amazing, simple nature in its workings. Not a lot of dialogue but a lot of communication. Especially nice for children, the message here is the respect for nature and to be wild. It is not often that a film comes along that is one of a kind. The Fox and the Child is one. A unique, adventurous 90-minute tour through breathtaking landscapes, witnesses the animal world as it is in nature and a gift of a film. (Vicki Filer Mensing)

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