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Love Vegas (What Happens in Vegas)
U.S.A. 2008

Opening 8 May 2008

Directed by: Tom Vaughan
Writing credits: Dana Fox
Principal actors: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Rob Corddry, Lake Bell, Treat Williams

Her fiancé dumps her as she throws a surprise party for him. With all her friends hiding behind the furniture, he tells her he doesn't want to marry her any more! Left with their honeymoon tickets to Vegas, successful, sexy career woman Joy (Cameron Diaz) decides to go anyway.

Jack (Ashton Kutcher) suddenly finds himself out of a job. Fired by a boss who expects him to actually work during work hours and who also is his father! In a basketball game against the old man, Jack fails to win his job back. Being a bit of a gambler, he goes to Las Vegas to forget his troubles.

In Vegas, Joy and Jack run into each other, have a lot of fun (and drinks!) and get married. When sober again, they agree on a divorce. However, before they can put this plan into practice, they win three million dollars. Sharing the money is not an option, so the divorce judge (Dennis Miller) gets to decide what happens with the millions. This judge is not fond of people who want a divorce without really having been married. He sentences the would-be divorcees to six months "hard marriage" and freezes the money. Joy and Jack have to live together in Jack's chaotic apartment and see a marriage counselor (Queen Latifah). Trying to make their marriage work is their only way to eventually get a divorce and the millions. Both try to end this farce sooner and get all the money. How? See for yourself!

Cameron Diaz once more shows her comic talent, and she and Kutcher seem to be enjoying themselves. The screenplay of this romantic comedy is somewhat predictable, but Diaz and Kutcher certainly made me laugh. I liked the message that two people are right for each other who bring out the best in each other. Director: Tom Vaughan, screenplay: Dana Fox. (Christa Greiff)

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