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Stella und der Stern des Orients
Germany 2008

Opening 25 Dec 2008

Directed by: Erna Schmidt
Writing credits: Martin Dolejs
Principal actors: Laura Berschuk, Hanna Schwamborn, Julius Römer, Uwe Kockisch, Edda Leesch

VM: I took my six-year-old assistant (Tim Mensing, or TM) to see this wonderful family film. He gave it a “1a – ten thumbs up!” rating. Sadly, since it is a German production it will most likely not be dubbed and sent the world over, which is too bad because it is worthy of a world-class film distribution. Three excellent child actors are on the screen most of the time during their adventure of finding Uncle Anton’s treasure so that they can save their villa in the woods from being taken away from the bank. There is a twist in that one girl is from the last century, a hundred years ago. This was interesting for my son to see how primitive things were in 1905. With a secret amulet, she looks for the treasure with, actually, her great-grandmother. Lots of fun and adventure in an old-fashioned family film way. It was a pleasure not to have to sit through another computer animated film but to watch the beautiful cinematography and costumes and props. A great family film with emphasis on family values.

TM: It was prima, a really great film. The treasure hunting was the best part. I like adventures, and it was very exciting to watch them find the treasure and fly home in Uncle Anton’s old-fashioned airplane. When the bad guys came and stole the treasure, I did not like it. Mama had to put her hand over my eyes. (Vicki Filer Mensing)

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