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Germany/U.K. 2004

Opening 26 May 2005

Directed by: Kenneth Glenaan
Writing credits: Simon Beaufoy
Principal actors: Archie Panjabi, Renu Setna, Steve Jackson, Syed Ahmed, Shahid Ahmed

Yasmin is a truly moving portrait of the Pakistani community in the U.K. post 9/11. Simon Beaufoy, who also wrote the screenplay for The Full Monty, is experienced in depicting social problems in England and with Yasmin tells the story of a young woman (Archie Panjabi who acted in East is East and Bend it like Beckham), a non-religious, second generation Pakistani who does her own thing while also attempting to please her traditional, religious family. Her life is a culture clash. She has a job as a social worker, goes to pubs with her colleagues, but, on the other hand, marries an imported Landsmann to respect her family's wishes.

But then the attack on the World Trade Center alters her world as much as any true believer. All Muslims become suspect and subject to interrogation. Her colleagues avoid her. Although Yasmin has always thought of herself as a Brit of Pakistani background, this abruptly changes when narrow-minded English people see her as a Pakistani immigrant residing in England. And although she does criticize the radical movement of other young Muslims like her own brother, this change in attitude pushes her back to her cultural roots (headscarf, visits to the mosque, etc.). (Thelma Freedman)

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