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Die Besucherin (In Between Days)
Germany 2008

Opening 14 May 2009

Directed by: Lola Randl
Writing credits: Lola Randl
Principal actors: Sylvana Krappatsch, André Jung, Samuel Finzi, Jule Böwe, Isabel Metz

Agnes (Sylvana Krappatsch) is an ambitious scientist, hard working with her hours well organized, splitting her busy life between work and family obligations. She is not really unhappy but lives her life without much passion. When her sister unexpectedly leaves town, she asks her the favour to look after a friend’s apartment whilst he is on holiday. Reluctantly, Agnes takes the keys, and is surprised when she sees the place. It must have been left in a hurry as nothing is tidied up or put away. Curiously, she explores these strange surroundings that are so different to her modern, clean and tidy house. One day she just lies down on the bed and falls asleep. When drowsily waking up, she feels someone making love to her, but she doesn’t move. It is Bruno (André Jung), the owner of the flat. He does not ask questions, they don’t talk. Next day Agnes returns to him.

The theme of the film is rather strange and mystic, suggesting a struggle of the two main characters unable to get to grips with their varied emotions and fantasies. They need and use each other until eventually have to face the realities of life. (Birgit Schrumpf)

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