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Affären à la Carte (Change of Plans, Le code a changé)
France 2009

Opening 16 Jul 2009

Directed by: Danièle Thompson
Writing credits: Christopher Thompson, Danièle Thompson
Principal actors: Karin Viard, Dany Boon, Marina Foïs, Patrick Bruel, Emmanuelle Seigner

It’s the second film after Welcome at the Sch’tis with stand-up comedian Dany Boon, a bittersweet comedy about our society, relationships and love (or no love). Eight friends meet for a classy set dinner in Paris at the beginning of spring: ML, successful lawyer, wife to Piotr and former lover of Jean-Louis; Piotr, husband of ML and new lover to Sarah; Mélanie, wife of Alain, best friends with Piotr and having an affair with a jockey; Alain, oncologist, husband of Mélanie ; Sarah, wife of Lucas, starting an affair with Piotr; Lucas, husband of Sarah and MLs boss; Juliette, sister of ML, secretly married to the much older Erwann; Erwann, secretly married to Juliette; Manuela, ML’s Flamenco teacher, Alains patient, falling for Jean Louis; Jean Louis, former lover of ML, later falling for Manuela; and Henri, father of ML and Juliette.

The manifold relationships of all the above coming together is already a story, but Danièle Thompson paints a darker picture underneath the laughter, jokes and good moods of everybody at the dinner. This is a good film for everyone who enjoys French movies and comedies with second meani (Tina Grieben)

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