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Chucky’s Baby (Seed of Chucky)
U.S.A. 2004

Opening 26 May 2005

Directed by: Don Mancini
Writing credits: Don Mancini
Principal actors: John Waters, Hannah Spearritt, Billy Boyd, Jennifer Tilly

Chucky and Tiffany come to life in the backroom of a Hollywood film set to meet their child Glen-Glenda (double name since sex is indeterminable). G-G has run away from his sadistic English ventriloquist (whom even the rats hate) to search for his real parents, who, like him, were “made in Japan.” The three of them impregnate B-movie actress Jennifer Tilly (played by herself, she also provides the voice for Tiffany) with Chucky’s sperm, and twins are born: one good and one evil. Before that happens we endure at least eight bloody murders complete with severed heads. Chucky and Tiffany discuss the responsibility of raising a child and whether they should mend their ways because, according to Tiffany, “violence is bad; it’s an addiction which can be cured in a 12-step program.” Chucky contradicts her, “It’s a hobby, I need it to relax. I don’t have a problem with killing. I am the most notorious slasher in history.”

Chucky fans should have some special ID in order to recognize each other. Who are these people? There must be enough of them, probably whole fan clubs, since this is the fifth Chucky movie since 1988. Chucky is a doll covered with Frankenstein-like scars in his face after being sloppily stitched together. His wife Tiffany Rae with make up, long hair, and décolleté looks like Tammy Faye Baker, in case you remember that hapless wife of a fire-and-brimstone TV pastor. Now they have a punk child with identity problems who seeks the warmth of a family nest. Tame enough as ugly dolls in their boxes, they develop an amazing violent energy when brought to life. This version by director Don Mancini also features musician/actor Redman and Tony Gardner. Go at your own risk for 88 minutes of gross senselessness, filthy language, bad jokes, and a confusing ending which promises a sequel. (Becky Tan)

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