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Oliver Kube: Interview
by Becky Tan

“A film critic is someone who can justify his opinion in an easily understandable manner,” says Oliver Kube who is such a critic and often appears in the Bild-Zeitung and Oxmox, as well as other print media. He also writes about books and music. While studying English and German at Hamburg University, he worked in the former record store World of Music on Jungfernstieg. The World of Music published the widest read magazine on the topic of DVDs and music. This was a perfect field for him to enter, although he “would have liked to have become a teacher and always loved to attend school.” He has been a journalist for fifteen years, doing it as a full-time job for five and feels fortunate to be able to “live on what I like doing best: music and films.” He favors American Independent films, French films, and English-language songs. (English was his favorite subject at school.) This passion for film was probably inherited, as his fondest memories are going to Grindel cinema near his home with his grandfather. Like many of his colleagues, he was not officially accredited for the Filmfest Hamburg but did attend many films on day passes.