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New Frontier: Breathe
by Karen Pecota

Breathe installation was a big, beautifully designed exhibition allowing up to six individuals to experience it at the same time. As the individuals breathe one can see everyone’s breath through the special glassware and extra sensory mechanisms everyone's breath and how these minute particles are able to touch each other. The lead artist Diego Galafassi says, "We are alive to a planet that is alive to us." Yes, it is a complex thought and in reality it is a direct link to a complex living world. He continues, "This is a mixed-reality application that uses body movement and breathing to immerse participants in the story of air."

See below three photos of my breath and how far it traveled in a two month period from my participation at the Festival.

Lead Artist: Diego Galafassi

Key Collaborators: Jess Engel, Myriam Achard, Stephen Mangiat

Galafassi is an artist from Brazil living in Stockholm. He is a director, writer and producer of documentaries, experimental films, new media and participatory performances. He is a 2019 Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab fellow and artist in residence at John Hopkins University Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies Lab.