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Dinner and A Movie - part IV - The Afterglow at Dicks
by Karen Pecota

The walk out of the theater at the end of the film’s Q & A for Phoebe in Wonderland was anything but silent. Our small group conversation included personal reactions to the film and reiterated comments from the director. We started with words like “fantastic,” “riveting,” “quality filmmaking,” that gradually gave way to full sentences as we illustrated our impressions. We left the movie theater under the glow of the warm summer sunset and walked across the street to Seattle’s famous Dick’s Drive-in for old fashioned burgers, fries and milkshakes to accompany our extended film discussion.

Spending time with good friends made our afterglow at Dick’s a nice closure to a delightful evening. The film was wonderfully made, the Q & A with the director was enlightening, and time spent with my circle of friends made the evening a memory that will not be forgotten.