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December (Film review)
by Jenny Mather

It‘s winter time in present-day Reykjavik and Jonni (Tomas Lemarquis), the star of an Icelandic band, returns from Argentina to spend Christmas with his family. He plans to record a new album with his old one-hit-wonder band and try to rekindle the romance with the band’s singer, whom he dumped when he left for South America.
Iceland’s and the family’s fortunes had suffered from the credit crunch during Jonni’s three year absence. The love of his life is engaged and his plans need to be rethought. Jonni matures as he faces up to his family’s financial difficulties and his sister’s alcoholism. He must look after his father, his sister’s children and his sister too.

Will Jonni win back the love of his former girlfriend? Will his sister attempt to battle her alcoholism? Will the children receive any Christmas presents? Can Jonni put a Christmas meal on the table? Director Hilmar Oddsson, who studied at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film in München, has made an enjoyable movie which takes an optimistic view of very modern problems.