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Film Review from Tribeca Film Festival: Fire in Babylon
by Kathryn Loggins

If you thought cricket was boring, think again. Fire In Babylon is a fun, powerful and engaging documentary that will have you cheering for more. It chronicles the struggles and victories of the West Indies cricket team, and gives the audience a glimpse into one of the greatest sports teams in the world.

The West Indies cricket team had always been somewhat of a laughing stock in the cricketing world compared with the elite teams such as Australia and England. But in an era of South African apartheid in the 70’s this team came out of the ashes to change the game forever. They took the game of gentlemen and turned it into a brutal and fast-paced spectacle. They mastered the art of ‘fast-bowling’, where pitches sometimes reached 90 miles per hour, and became a force to be reckoned with.

Stevan Riley’s (Blue Blood) compelling documentary tells the story of this fascinating team through insightful interviews with some of the former West Indies cricket team members, including Sir Vivian ‘Viv’ Richards. Viv is considered one of the greatest batsmen of all time and this documentary shows you why. Stevan Riley also includes archive footage and reggae music, which encompasses the spirit of the West Indies culture and makes this underdog story all the more enjoyable to watch.