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Bistro and more
by the KinoCritics

Taiwan Thai Bistro, Grindelhof 58

Just a short walk from Abaton Kino is a small restaurant that serves good Thai and Asian foods at incredibly reasonable prices. You can snack on five fried shrimp with a yummy sweet chili sauce for just 3,20 Euro or a vegetable egg soup for only 2,80 Euro. The menu includes a good selection of pork, beef, chicken, duck and fish with different sauces and either noodles or rice priced under 9 Euros. Then there are the noodle dishes and fried rice dishes and if you still can‘t make a selection, there are three vegetarian meals and banana baked with honey for dessert. Have a Beck’s beer for 1,80 Euro. Service is fast and friendly. If the sun is shining, you can even sit outside.(MW)

Monkey Donuts, Grindelallee 129

Across the U.S. donuts are ubiquitous. In Hamburg, the American-style donut with a hole have begun to appear in bakeries next to the Berliner (no donut hole, heavier dough, filled with marmalade or cream, topped with sugar or glaze). But no bakery donuts taste better than Monkey Donuts which are light, slightly sweet and topped with glazes imported from the U.S. My favorite is with dark chocolate icing but there are many flavors to choose from for the “ring“ donuts like strawberry, mojito, glazed, sugar, caramel and cherry to name a few. Then there are the “ball“ donuts (Berliner-style) in flavors like American Cheesecake, triple chocolate and blueberry banana. Great coffees or tea are available as well. With a store card you can get a coffee and donut for free after the purchase of a dozen donuts. Check out the monkey business on their website at

Samova Tea, Hongkongstr. 1

The Samova tea company served free tea in the festival tent throughout the festival. Their speciality is bio-tea, e.g., Heidi’s Delight made of peppermint, lemon, and apple or Maybe Baby made of pineapple and strawberries, as well as Earl Grey (called Lazy Daze). They organize tea-tasting parties, cocktail workshops, and also tea parties for kids. They offer special gift boxes of tea. Located in the Hafencity, see