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TRUST ME - Film Review
by Kathryn Loggins

Written and Directed by Clark Gregg

The world of the child actor is something that fascinates the public. So what about the child actor’s agent? What makes those people tick? Clark Gregg (Iron Man, Choke) writes, directs and stars in this fascinating and witty piece of great filmmaking that is set in the brutal world of Hollywood.

Trust Me follows Howard Holloway (Gregg), an agent for child actors, on his journey for his next big break. He is always on the search for the next big actor to fall in his lap, but he keeps losing out to his arch-nemesis, Aldo Stankis (Sam Rockwell). When Howard happens upon the young and talented Lydia (Saxon Sharbino) he believes that she is his big break and pours his heart and soul into making her a star. Their relationship starts off innocent, but takes some bizarre turns as Lydia and Howard continue down the road of success. But is it all just a ruse? In a city where deception is everywhere and power is everything can a young and seemingly innocent girl really be trusted?

Clark Gregg, as the director, does a fascinating job at balancing drama and comedy and posing questions about the world of child acting without taking anything too seriously. The performance of this ensemble cast, which also includes Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Allison Janney, Amanda Peet, Molly Shannon, Niecy Nash and Paul Sparks, is very solid and brings authenticity and charm to each character. All in all the film is entertaining, somewhat magical, and keeps the audience guessing until the end.