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Tribeca FF 2014 Films, On Your Radar: Miss Meadows
by Karen Pecota

Filmmaker Karen Leigh Hopkins wrote the screenplay for Miss Meadows fourteen years ago while preparing herself for motherhood. She questions what kind of a world is she bringing her child into, a world of both aspects--wonderfully good and horribly evil. Wondering who else will be in her child's life to protect and nurture in the absence of the parent or the law. Hopkins birthed Miss Meadows from this vein of thought. She worked to develop the Miss Meadow character by taking true-to-life tragedies and asking 'What would Miss Meadows do?'...

Miss Meadows, (Katie Holmes) a substitute teacher, wanders from town to town looking for the temporary perfect job. Once hired her mission is to educate elementary school students on the importance of courage and kindness. Her motto, "Everyone deserves a second chance, but never a third."

A throw-back from a generation where manners were respected, taught and expected to be practiced by society, Miss Meadows emulates such a moral code. Her modest attire, though stunningly matching to her beautiful physic, is simplistic and child-like. Odd for her age. She communes with nature especially the wise Mr. Bluebird who is her personal guardian and follows her everywhere.

Miss Meadows is a strange protector for the children in her care and those in her neighborhood. She innocently takes it upon herself to help law enforcement rid the community of predators and baddies from time to time. And, rarely backs-down from trouble. Courage is a part of her gifting as a vigilante. Miss Meadows takes whatever means necessary to make each new environment in her care a better place to live. Her manners and grace are delightfully attractive. Once encountered she gives everyone she meets a chance to prove their kindness. But, for those who insist on displaying bad behavior with harming animals, children or adults she confronts them with the words, "toot-a-loo"...and her specific measure for them is their tragic demise. Miss Meadows says, "Justice is to served...properly."

The enamored town sheriff (James Badge Dale) is smitten with her and she is taken off guard. Miss Meadows isn't prepared to fall in love. The town sheriff isn't prepared to harbor a vigilante either. True anti-hero's take note!