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Tribeca FF 2014 Films, On Your Radar: SISTER
by Karen Pecota

A dream come true for filmmakers, David Lascher and Todd Camhe is their film Sister sharing a passionate story.Inspired by Lascher’s personal experience and the struggles he encountered dealing with and understanding his sister’s ADHD diagnosis. Lascher says, "Sister addresses with restraint and sensitivity the polemic issue of youth psychotropic drug prescription." Lascher and Camhe will try to bring attention to the questions that need to be addressed about ADD/ADHD among other related problems and gifts of these children. The purpose of their film.

Lascher and Camhe believe that films have the power to unite people with shared human experiences as well as, to teach, inspire and encourage conversation. Sister is the first initiative of Our Kids First Foundation designed to champion ADD/ADHD causes and give the children and their families dealing with these gifts the support they need to reach their potential.

“We created Our Kids First Foundation because we felt a need to tell our story." said Co-writer and Producer, Todd Camhe. “There are many misconceptions on treatment and diagnosis and we hope to be impactful in starting a conversation.”

An aged couple has an eleven-year-old adopted daughter, Niki Presser (Grace Kaufman). Niki, diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and depression, is a handful. Especially when not taking her prescribed medications.

The couple's son, Billy Presser (Reid Scott) --fifteen-years Niki's senior-- left home as a teenager years before Niki was around to get out from under his dysfunctional family. Billy in pursuit of an acting career and a functional, happy life met and married Melissa (Serinda Swan). Billy's wife, Melissa, is ready to start a family. Billy is deathly afraid of being a father and avoids the seriousness of Melissa's longing.

Tragically the Presser children loose their father in a horrific car accident leaving their self-consumed, bi-polar mother, Susan Presser (Barbara Hershey) to bear the load of child-rearing. Conveniently escaping care for a difficult child, Susan is hospitalized for months leaving Billy to temporarily care for his little sister.

Big Brother steps in to save the day but the new addition to his family life puts a wedge between him and Melissa. She takes a permanent hike from the marriage. What's left of the Presser family unit is Big Brother Billy and Little Sister Niki. Neither happy about being the left-overs.

Only time will tell if Billy's brotherly love will have an impact on their family ties. Adventure begins when Billy learns that Niki is special. She is tagged with an ADD/ADHD diagnosis. A condition he knows nothing about. Billy's research finds that his little sister's disorder is multi-faceted. Now, as her caregiver, Billy observes that Niki doesn't necessarily have symptoms that fit her medical diagnosis.

Billy begins to compare their upbringing. He recognizes that Niki is special but not according to her doctors medical deductions. Billy takes radical steps to prove to many that his little sister is remarkably special. Their little clan's moral and social journey takes on a direction that changes the dynamics of the newly formed Presser family unit.